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Ralph Lauren

Create an emotional connection and cultivate a true 1:1 relationship by communicating in the most timely, relevant, and noticeably personalized way to both frequent & new customers

  • Style Quiz
  • 2021
  • Usability testing, User Interviews, Comparative/Competitive Analysis, Whiteboard/sketching sessions, A/B testing, Rapid Prototyping, User Flow, Journeys & Personas, Strategy, Product Design, UX
Style Quiz

Taking the Ralph Lauren Style Quiz is an exciting way to explore and discover your own unique style. As a consumer, you should feel welcomed by a brand that understands and appreciates your individual tastes.

The quiz offers an interactive window into the world of Ralph Lauren where you can find content tailored to reflect your preferences, explore new styles, and gain insights into what makes up the fashion house's signature look. By taking part in this experience, you will be able to develop a stronger connection with both Ralph Lauren as well as yourself!


True 1:1 relationship

The majority of users do not feel that the Ralph Lauren website is tailored to their tastes. Style options overwhelm them. By providing a timely, relevant, and noticeably personalized experience, we aim to create an emotional connection and cultivate a true 1:1 relationship


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